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Press Release January, 2024

The Team at
Jan Marie Doughty PLLC is proud to announce
our move to
Foreign Tax CPA LLC.

The entire team is in place and will continue our great service from our offices in
Cocoa Beach Florida.

Jan Marie Doughty CPA PLLC was built on a simple principle; “Do a good job for your clients and you will be successful”. Doing a good job for our clients starts with understanding their needs. Our clients are primarily non-US citizens who generate income within the US from renting property, through ownership of a US business or other sources of US income. In most cases foreigners generating US income have reporting and tax filing requirements. The safest and most secure way to comply with these requirements is to hire a CPA firm with the knowledge and experience to create and file the required IRS and State Revenue departments documents. 

Executing strategies to reduce our clients tax liability has been the key to our success. Our team was built to deliver tax compliance products timely and accurately while minimizing your liability.

The transition of leadership from Jan Doughty, CPA to Janet Noack,CPA was a perfect fit as their experience and skill sets are very similar.  We are in business and eager to keep you in compliance for your tax filings and reporting.