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Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act


Foreign Tax CPA, LLC exclusively provides services to non-US citizens that buy, sell and own US property. Our success has come from working with professionals in support of your services to your clients. We focus our energy on the US Department of Treasury and IRS rules and filing requirements. This primary focus approach to education and knowledge building should be your resource when serving your clients that have a foreign component.

We believe in sharing our knowledge building referral relationships with you.

IRS withholding and tax filing requirements are complex and, in many cases, a moving target. 

Let us work for you maintaining compliance and reducing your liability. 

Join Us on a Zoom Meeting

Get valuable information and tools that will help you when providing services to foreigners that are buy or selling US property.

In this ZOOM meeting we will cover:

  • FIRPTA- The rules and how to apply them
  • Foreign Buyer and seller foreign component
  • IRS withholding triggers and amount
  • Exemptions and how to minimize the tax
  • How to avoid penalties and professional liability
  • Perks for doing business with us


    Note:  Having a client or professional event?  

    We do speaking events!