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Janet Noack is a Certified Public Accountant who is experienced in the intricacies of tax preparation for non US persons and entities doing business in the US. She began her journey when her father founded the legal concept of timesharing in the United States. Her passion for real estate investment strategies and tax consequences of those strategies grew from there. Janet went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Florida Gulf Coast University and to pass all parts of the CPA exam on the first try. This commitment to excellence shows in every aspect of her life. She enjoys helping foreigners navigate the US system of taxation. When not working her time is spent with family and friends.

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FIRPTA is a very specific tax law that targets revenue generated through real estate investment by non-US citizens. This law is complex and applies to and almost endless set of circumstances when you combine real property ownership people and entities from all around the world. The IRS has very specific processes and requirements that property owners must navigate. These requirements are often connected with buying selling transaction where a lot of money exchanges between parties. When one party is a foreigner the IRS will look to the US citizen to secure it’s financial interest. Transactions that are not manage properly can result in long delays for refunds or even loss of monies that are due to the people involved in the transaction. Don’t make a huge mistake cost you a lot of time and money let Team FIRPTA represent you in all your real estate tile transactions involving foreign ownership.

Team TAX

Team TAX is where experience matters. The US and State Tax Compliance law as are complex especially when connected to your counties tax laws. It is impossible for one person to “Know It All” that’s where our Team approach to learning and executing provides you’re the best option to comply with your tax requirements related to property you own here in the US. Our tax preparers and Reviewer have the right experience and knowledge keep you in compliance.

Team Client Experience

Our goal is to make working with us a simple, secure and easy process. We know working with the IRS and State Taxing authorities is complex, scary and often ambiguous. Our Administration Team is here to provide the support our experts need to get the job done for you. We strive to reduce your stress and pain while maintaining compliance with the tax authorities that are trying to get your money. Unfortunately the laws and systems are complex, slow and often not fair our goal is to be your advocate and reduce your tax burden as much as possible remaining within the compliance requirements.